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The Hunters Outdoor Webring which contains sites that bring you information about hunting in the outdoors! If you love hunting, you'll love The Hunters Outdoor Webring! Check out all the hunting sites here at The Hunters Outdoor Webring! You can easily visit and explore concentrations of The Hunters Outdoor Webring web sites. Use WebRing to participate in highly focused and rich online communities. Do you have a web site of your own you'd like to share with others? Try joining a Ring and increase traffic to your site!

Before joining the The Hunters Outdoor Webring, CAREFULLY read the instructions below.

To be admitted to The Hunters Outdoor Webring, your site must have contents that deals with hunting and the great outdoors. Your site should contain information that will be helpful to people who are interested hunting in the great outdoors. Your site should give useful material such as types of ammo, hunting weapons, hunting tips, places to hunt in all states, hunting regulations, wildlife and wildlife game, and links which can be helpful to all. Only quality sites will be admitted to the The Hunters Outdoor Webring index. ALL SITES MUST PLACE THE HUNTERS OUTDOOR WEBRING BANNER SHOWN BELOW ON THE PAGE THAT IS LISTED WITH WEB RING BEFORE YOUR SITE WILL QUALIFY.

New Membership Requirements:

Site owner must display one of the approved ring navigation codes for the duration of membership. Site owner must keep URL and email address current for duration of membership. No redirect URLs may be submitted. You must enter the full URL assigned to your site where the ring navigation code is located. After submission, your site will be reviewed by the ring manager. Approved sites must place the ring navigation code on the registered URL immediately or face suspension.

Your Code:

It is the responsibility of each member to keep the assigned ring navigation code displayed properly at all times. Failure to do so will result in suspension or removal. The email you received after submission gave ring navigation code instructions.

Editing Your Membership:

It is the responsibility of each member to keep membership information current. While RMs have limited editing ability, members must maintain their memberships. Your membership must be associated with a WebRing ID for you to have editing access. Always follow the directions given when you edit your site at Webring. Failure to do so could result in your ring navigation bar not working properly causing your site to be suspended from The Hunters Outdoor Webring.

Webring has made joining the ring so much easier! If your site qualifies, you can join the The Hunters Outdoor Webring by clicking here Join Now or on the banner below. Follow the instructions closely given by the Webring Site and with just a few easy steps, your site will be well on it's way to joing the The Hunters Outdoor Webring!

You've registered with The Hunters Outdoor Webring and can't find your Navigation bar? Click here to obtain the SSNB Navigation Code and click on "Get SSNB Code" under options and follow the instructions on the site!

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