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Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball
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Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball

Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball League 2004 Transactions

02/14/04 Bashers release Felix Rodriguez, Jason Isringhausen, Tony Blanco, Alex Gonzalez, and Jason Johnson.
02/14/04 Scots release Boof Bonser.
02/14/04 Hurricanes release George Lombard and Eric Valent
02/14/04 B-town Kurupt Ballers release Jason Arnold.
02/14/04 Gladiators releases Eddie Perez, David Bell, Jason Grilli, and Jin Ho, Cho.
02/12/04 B-town Kurupt Ballers release Brian Roberts.
02/09/04 Beavers release Aaron Boone and Mike Williams.
02/09/04 B-town Kurupt Ballers trade their 2005 3rd round pick and their 2006 2nd round pick to Golden Great for Richard Hidalgo and their 2005 4th round pick.
02/09/04 Dantes Inferno release Anthony Pluta and Billy Simon.
02/09/04 B-town Kurupt Ballers release Vance Wilson, Jack Cust, Jose Valverde, Julian Benacabiez, Mike Gosling,and Ben Kozlowski.
02/09/04 Hoplites release Cliff Polite and So Taguchi
02/08/04 Dantes Inferno releases Shigetoshi Hasegawa and Jeff DAmico.
02/08/04 Golden Great releases Brook Fordyce, Thomas Perez, Drew Henson, Mike Bordick, Shin Soo Choo, John Patterson, Rocky Biddle, and Danny Kolb.
02/07/04 Thunder releases Steve Finley and Toma Ohka.
02/07/04 Beavers trade Mark Prior, Richard Hidalgo and a 2006 2nd round pick to Golden Great for Mike Mussina, Alex Sanchez, Scott Kazmir and a 2004 1st round pick (7th overall).
02/06/04 Hoplites trade Marlon Byrd to the Scots for Dave Roberts, a 2004 7th, 9th and 10th round draft picks.
02/06/04 One Up trades their 2004 6th round draft pick and their 2006 2nd round draft pick to Dantes Inferno for Trevor Hoffman.
01/31/04 Thunder trades Mark Redman and Bernie Williams to the Hoplites for their 2005 1st and 3rd round draft picks.
01/31/04 Arctic Wolves release Chris Stynes.
01/31/04 Thunder releases Travis Foley, Jake Gautreau, Angel Pena, John Gall, Dominic Rich, & Chris Burke.
01/31/04 Thunder trades Travis Lee to the Highlanders for their 2005 2nd round draft pick.
01/31/04 Thunder trades Fernando Vina to the Arctic Wolves for their 2005 4th round draft pick.
01/30/04 Bashers release Dernell Stensen and Ryan Dempster. Options Aaron Harang and Aaron Heilman to their D-Squad.
01/30/04 Bashers trade Jose Cruz to the HighLanders for Ben Sheets.
01/28/04 One Up releases Bobby Estalella, JD Martin, and Brian Tallet.
01/28/04 Arctic Wolves release Omar Vizquel and Joe Kenndy.
01/28/04 Highlanders trade Scott Podsednik and Keith Ginter to the Gladiators for Mariano Rivera
01/28/04 One Up trades James Looney and a 2005 4th round draft pick (from Beavers) to the Delaware Destroyers for Scott Shields.
01/28/04 One up trades 2004 4th round draft pick (aquired from Beavers) to the Delaware Destroyers for John Lackey.
01/28/04 Thunder trade Mark Buehrle to the Beavers for a 2004 1st round draft pick (aquired from Highlanders) and a 2004 2nd round draft pick ( aquired from Hurricanes through One Up).
01/28/04 One Up releases Marquis Grissom
01/27/04 Scots trade Angel Guzman and Trot Nixon to the Hoplites for Carl Crawford.
01/25/04 One Up releases Andres Galarraga, Ricky Henderson and Jeff Austin.
01/25/04 Scots option Dave Roberts to their D-squad.
01/24/04 One Up trades Alex Cintron and 2004 3rd round draft pick (aquired from B-town) for Frank Thomas.
01/24/04 Dantes Inferno trade their 2005 2nd round draft pick for Juan Encarnacion.
01/24/04 Gladiators trade their 2005 7th round to the Scots for Shawn Chacon.
01/22/04 Scots option Jeremy Affeldt to their D-squad.
01/22/04 Scots trade Ryan Klesko and 2 2004 5th round draft picks for ted Lilly.
01/22/04 Beavers trade their 2006 1st round draft pick to the Scots for Aaron Boone.
01/22/04 Thunder release Shane Reynolds, John Rheinecker, Freddy Garcia, Billy Koch, Albie Lopez, Darren Dreifort, Sean DePaula, and, Jon Rauch. Kazuhiro Sasaki placed on retired Status
01/21/04 Gladiators trade their 2005 first round pick to the Scots for Torri Hunter.
01/21/04 Thunder release Kevin Cash, Craig Biggio, Eric Young, Andy Fox, Ramon Vazquez, Ramon Santiago, Karim Garcia, Russell Branyan, Danny Bautista, Eric Munson, Gookie Dawkins Ryan Church, and Wily Mo Pena.
01/21/04 One up trades Carl Everett and Alex Gonzales to the Artic Wolves for Kevin Milwood and Alex Cintron.
01/19/04 One Up trades their 2005 4th round draft pick to the Scots for Alex Gonzalez
01/19/04 One Up trades 2005 2nd round draft pick(from Hurricanes) to the Scots for Moises Alou.
01/19/04 Gladiators trade Juan Pierre, Joe Borowski, Tim Redding, and Chase Utley to he Scots for Mariano Rivera, Dmitri Young, Odalis Perez, Jeff Blum, and Mike Restovich
01/18/04 Delaware Destroyers trade Carlos Pena to the Dantes Inferno for a 2004 6th round pick.
01/17/04 Beavers release Chad Tracy, Raul Mondesi, Luis Matos, Rick Reed, Jeriome Robertson, Ryan Andersen, Brandon Lyon, Tim Sponneybarger and Mitch Meluskey. Option Joe Crede, Austin Kearns, Mark Prior and Brandon Claussen to their d-squad.
01/17/04 One Up trades his 2006 4th round draft pick to the Highlanders for Casey Blake.
01/11/04 Scots trade Shea Hillenbrand and a 4th round (from Gladiators) to the Gladiators for Aaron Boone
01/11/04 Scots release Jung Bong.
01/08/04 Highlanders trade Lyle Overbay to the Scots for a 2004 8th round draft pick.
01/08/04 Scots trade C C Sabathia, Toby Hall, and Orlando Cabrera to the Highlanders for Alex Rodriguez.
01/06/04 Gladiators trade Woody Williams and a 2005 5th round draft pick to the Scots for Eric Milton.
01/06/04 One Up trades Tim Worrell, Adam Kennedy, Darrell May, Alex Cintron, and Jake Peavy to the Artic Wolves for Alfonzo Soriano.

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